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What Is The Alexander Technique & What Can It Do For You?

If you’ve never heard of The Alexander Technique, you’re not alone! Whilst it is regarded by many as the secret to living a life where you understand yourself more fully, experience less stress and physical pain and feel a greater sense of freedom, many have still not been exposed to this fantastic technique which can literally change your life in more ways than one!

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We’re strong believers that we must become advocates of such techniques and that the only way for these to become popular and used by more people is to help spread the word and educate others as to what the technique is and what it can do for you. In order to do so, we’ve teamed up with Laura from the Laura Long Studio which teaches The Alexander Technique in London and have put to-gether our own post as to what it is and what it can do for you!

What Is It?

In short, The Alexander Technique is, “a way of learning how you can get rid of harmful tension in your body.” Whilst it’s by no means an overnight solution to feeling yourself and reducing stress and tension, it’s an approach which, once you’ve mastered it, will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is a creative and subtle approach to understanding yourself more fully, both physically and emotionally and you’ll find that once you get to grips with it and start to slow down, you’ll find that some of lives pressures and stresses have an unbelievable way of sorting themselves out – for good!

Who Is It For?

Whilst The Alexander Technique is suitable for absolutely anyone and the benefits can be felt by those in all walks of life, there’s certain groups of people who are seen to benefit more and perhaps be more responsive to the technique.

These include:

  • Performers
  • Singers
  • Those With Bad Posture
  • Those Suffering Acute Pain

If you believe you fit into one of those groups, we strongly suggest you take a look at The Alexan-der Technique in a little more depth and consider booking lessons with a local teacher. Performers will find that singing, acting or other types of performance will become easier and more natural once they’ve mastered the technique and, above all else, it’s important to understand that it allows an overactive mind and body to calm down and function as we were intended to!

The Alexander Technique is not, by any means, a therapy but rather a process of re-education where you’ll develop a new sense of awareness about yourself both from a physical and a mental perspective. Discovering this connection with yourself can have a huge effect upon your life and over time reduce the strains and stresses associated with every day life.

When learning The Alexander Technique, a teacher will place their hands on you, the pupil, and guide you through very simple movement which are proven to allow you to become more aware of what’s going on and be able to be in control and understand yourself more fully. The Alexander Technique is fascinating, rewarding and fun, however above all else, it can help YOU to live live more fully and enjoy every moment of each and every day!


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