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Top 5 Beautiful Designer Bedrooms

Bedroom is one room in a house which each family member wants to be exactly according to their needs. Over the years, bedrooms have evolved a great deal which has led to highly stylish themes and extremely comfortable designs. Using the services of a professional interior designer to arrange your bedroom is not an unheard of notion. The top beautiful designer bedrooms offer style, panache and comfort which is what one wants to be surrounded with when he or she wakes up in the morning.

If you want to transform the appearance of your bedroom to something more stylish, then you can consider one of these top designer bedrooms.

Masculine Designer Bedrooms

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Adult males deserve to be sleeping in bedrooms designed specifically according to their physical and aesthetic needs. Although, different variants in masculine designer bedrooms are being pursued by men, still masculine master bedrooms with a modern groove are really under the spotlight. These bachelor pads have a sober, modernistic and aesthetically refined theme with high ceilings, and a complete range of furniture and necessary appliances such as TV and refrigerator. This particular designer bedroom is ideally tailored for the needs of single men who wish to have luxury with a touch of modernity and class. While the general theme of modern masculine master bedroom is neat and unsophisticated, yet the use of bright colors makes it perfect for any independent man.

Traditional Designer Bedrooms

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Even after all these years, traditional style designer bedrooms are still in fashion. Traditional style bedrooms are designed to maintain high degree of comfort with the help of spacious décor with the use of luxurious materials such as silk, linen and cotton. Fusion of traditional design with elegant color scheme of clay, taupe and stone adds a refreshing look to your old-school master bedroom.

Kid’s Designer Bedrooms

Credit: mylocationscouts

Now putting your kids to sleep in their bedrooms will no longer be a problem as kid’s colorful cabinetry bedroom has pretty much solved this problem. Use of bright colors in highly functional cabinets in conjunction with mosaic tiles present in kid’s bathrooms is what really puts together your contemporary kid’s bedroom. Beautiful designer bedrooms do not come any better than this for kids.

Tropical Designer Bedrooms

Credit: champagne.chic

Tropical designer bedrooms have become the talk of the town in recent times as people love to add a touch of tropical exquisiteness to their bedrooms to relive precious moments from a recent trip to Far East or the Caribbean. Use of bright sunny colors contrasted well with dark hues is very common in top designer bedrooms with a tropical theme. Exotic headboards and tropical themed dressers also add more panache to your very own tropical designer bedroom. Furniture and other accessories such as lamps, wall paintings and antiques also help create an oriental environment in your bedroom.

Contemporary Designer Bedrooms

Credit: InterContinental Hong Kong

Peace and tranquility is the order of the day with nice and cozy contemporary designer bedrooms. Contemporary style has made it to the top 5 beautiful designer bedrooms because these days most couples tend to go for subtly luxurious bedrooms. The use of contrasting colors and eclectic furniture holds the room together, while the use of display shelves also plays a vital role in adding more functionality to your contemporary style designer bedroom.

Using one of these top beautiful designer bedroom ideas, you will always have greater peace of mind whenever you are relaxing in your favorite space in your home.


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