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A Busy Man’s Guide to Planning a Marriage Proposal

If you are super productive and there are never enough hours in the day, proposing marriage is not something you want to spend days deliberating. It won’t help if you keep putting it off, as you will always have this nagging voice in the back of your mind, reminding you about the up and coming marriage proposal. If you want to be sure of receiving the right answer and time is not on your side, here is a guide on how to plan the perfect proposal.

Ascertain your Relationship

This is an essential starting point, as some men mistakenly think their partner is also thinking about marriage, when, in fact, she has yet to consider the idea. If you communicate well, choose your moment and introduce the future as a topic for discussion, which should at least tell you if you are both on the same page, so to speak. Ask any man who has suffered the embarrassment of a failed marriage proposal and he’ll tell you it’s the worst feeling in the world, so even though you want to surprise her, make sure she is also looking at a future that includes you.

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The Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway

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Despite your busy schedule, you can afford to take a weekend to ask the most important question of your life. Acquire an engagement ring in Sydney from AE Design Jewellery and book something a little on the luxurious side, preferably in a secluded setting, ideal for a romantic encounter. There are no arrangements to be made, other than ordering a bottle of chilled champagne to celebrate, and all it takes to set it up is an online search. There are many stunning attractions suitable for popping the question, just make sure she is available that weekend, and you can make a booking.

Trust your Judgement

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The best strategy is to have some romantic background music, subtle lighting, great food, the right ambience and with the ring in your pocket, when the moment feels right, be as natural as possible when you ask for her hand. After the meal is an ideal opportunity, as you both drink a liqueur and are relaxed and enjoying the moment, and once she accepts, you can relax and reach for the cold champagne to celebrate the union.

Ring Size

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If the proposal is a surprise, you will need to know her ring size in advance, which can prove a challenge. You could borrow one of her rings, but make sure it is one that she wears on the third finger, failing that, you could measure her finger with a thin piece of string – when she’s asleep of course! There is an excellent article in which a man gives men advice about wedding planning, which might come in useful.

Marriage Proposal

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Rather than spending a lot of time worrying about how best to pop the question, acquire the ring and book a romantic weekend away and you will have a captive audience. Hopefully, you will both look back at that special weekend with fondness many years in the future and whenever your wife looks at her diamond engagement ring, she will remember that proposal.


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