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From Boardrooms to Playgrounds: Patrick Carroll’s Impactful Sneaker Donation Drive in Chicago

Patrick Carroll has long been a prominent figure in the real estate industry. Beginning as a house-flipping expert in 2001, Carroll would work his way to Tampa, where he would begin renovating and flipping homes for residents throughout the panhandle. In 2003, Carroll worked his way into real estate full-time and became a prominent entrepreneur and investor in the years to follow.

More than just another suit with the goal of raising the bottom line, Patrick Carroll is inspired by the optimism that his philanthropic outreach can create. Through his philanthropic efforts, Carroll would garner headlines for his work on the KICKZ FOR KIDS campaign.

Let’s dive into the KICKZ FOR KIDS campaign before learning a little more about Carroll himself.

From Humble Beginnings

Patrick Carroll was born and raised in Richmond, VA. It wasn’t long before he found himself truly at home in Tampa, where his fascination with real estate would lead him on a journey up the ladder into the upper tier of realtors.

Carroll said of his formative years, “I always pictured myself as a successful businessman growing up. A lot of people grow up wanting to be pro athletes, I wanted to be a big-time businessman.”

Carroll would make his first prominent step toward mogul status in 2004 when he began making his first significant moves in the real estate market. Focusing on residential development, early success would pave the way for expansion into new areas such as commercial properties, retail centers, mixed-use homes, and student housing.

Speaking on changes along the way in his career, Carroll pointed to the 2008 and 2009 financial downturn. Carroll stated, “I used to be able to borrow 100% of the money to buy or develop a property. That all changed, and you had to start putting actual cash equity into the properties.”

Looking at the tough years that 2008 and 2009 inspired, Carroll affirms that he took some silver linings from the experience. Carroll stated, “That forced me to have to really learn finance and become good at raising capital.”

Focusing on Philanthropy and Making Change

Even though he has enjoyed enduring success in the real estate industry, Carroll finds that his motivations always come back to philanthropy. Bringing gifts back to the community that he works in is something that he has always believed in, and that has spanned everywhere from Atlanta to Tampa and back around to Chicago.

With the KICKZ FOR KIDS campaign, Patrick Carroll focused on providing disadvantaged youth in the city of Chicago with brand-new shoes, something many of us will take for granted on a day-by-day basis. What makes this campaign particularly interesting and unique is the fact that there are no major sponsors behind it. Carroll funds it entirely from his own resources. Carroll has made five stops on his journey with KICKZ FOR KIDS and that has led to the donation of more than $1 million worth of sneakers.

More than just an outlet to give shoes to disadvantaged individuals, Carroll has turned his outreach program into a festive event that brings people together while bringing them joy. From renting arcades to showcasing local athletes and experienced artists, Carroll makes sure that his philanthropic work is memorable.

Patrick Carroll stated of his work, “If I can do it, anyone can do it. There’s no better feeling than seeing the kids’ faces filled with excitement when they get a new pair of really cool sneakers.”

At the end of the day, Carroll believes that it is important to support the dreams of children and to give them hope for the future.

Carroll states, “I am far from your typical success story. I got in some trouble growing up, didn’t go to college, and I’m basically self-taught.”

He would go on to add, “It is important for the kids to understand the message, ‘Work hard for your dreams, and you too can live the American dream.”

Patrick Carroll on the Future of His Work

For Patrick Carroll, looking to life after the COVID-19 pandemic includes optimism for both his industry and his philanthropic outreach. Carroll believes that buyers are going to increasingly seek homes in the suburbs that are outfitted with urban amenities and it’s through CARROLL that he hopes to address those needs.

In addition to his work in real estate, Carroll is an avid entrepreneur always looking for the next opportunity to create positive outcomes. Carroll has started to focus more and more on technology-driven solutions, diet and exercise management, remote work, and other wellness-related products.

With all of that being said, Carroll is still focused on expanding his work within the real estate field. Carroll projects changes in the future, but he plans to keep up. Carroll said that his goal is to succeed, “By paying attention and not fooling myself. If the world is evolving, you have one choice: to evolve with it.”

As far as how he hopes to approach his real estate career in the future, he expects that he will continue to focus on surrounding himself with good colleagues. Carroll said, “A good team is everything. I’ve found the best way to lead and motivate is to hire the smartest and hungriest people you can and let them get rich.”

Ultimately, Carroll admits, he wants to be known as the guy who made it on his own and then helped others along the way. Carroll added, “I really want to be remembered as one of the best people that I’ve read about.”


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