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Steps To Take Once You Move to Your New Home

Moving to a new home can be exciting, exhausting, nerve-wracking, and overwhelming. You have a lot to do in a day and if you lose your nerves, it can lead to a disaster. Do not make it difficult for yourself than it really is. It is a new chapter of your life and in your new home. To handle it well, you can consider making a list of things you can do once you move to the new house. Here are the steps you need to take once you move.

Check the Home Inspection Report

If you haven’t got a chance to, now is the time to check the home inspection report and the other reports you may have. You will have to take this step to ensure that everything is in place. Check for plumbing leaks in the final walkthrough and find out where the electrical panels and water shut-off valves are located. Thoroughly check the flooring and plan for the replacement of the carpets before the moving truck pulls up.

Switch on the Utilities

When you move into a different house, you need to inform the utility companies for the transfer of electrical, water, gas, sewer, and trash under your name. It is best to inquire at the time of closing or call the companies yourself and inform them about the same. You do not want to find out that there is no electricity once you start to unpack the boxes.

Change Locks

Several strangers could have the keys to your home that are given to them by the previous owner. Hence, do not take any risk and call the locksmith right away. You need to get the locks changed immediately. They will charge anywhere from $50 to $100 for visiting your home. So, you can change all the locks and ensure it works with one key.

Change the Address

You can change the mailing address online but the post office might mess up your mail for a while and you need to remember that all the mail is not forwarded at all times. Hence, take the necessary steps for changing the mailing address with your bank, credit card lenders, and other entities you have contact with. Also, change the address with the Motor Vehicles Department.

Set the Security

You can enjoy peace of mind with an efficient home security system. It will not take a lot of time for the company to activate the system if the home already has all the necessary equipment in place. You simply need to call and check with them. There are some companies that will allow you to set the alarm when you are inside the home. Remember to pick strong security codes for higher safety.

Check the Paperwork

It is important to be aware of the terms and conditions of the purchase. You may have taken a mortgage on the home and you must be aware of the repayment terms. It also helps to understand reverse mortgage and reverse mortgage pros and cons (you can learn more here: https://reverse.mortgage/pros-cons). Even if you have understood the terms and conditions of the mortgage well, it is advisable to sit back and read through the fine print of the documents. This will ensure that you are on the same page with the lender and will be able to make the repayment on time.

Set Up the Internet

Besides requiring Wi-Fi for your phone and computers, you will need it for the security system as well. Some also have apps that open the garage doors, or water the lawn. Plan in advance for Wi-Fi installation because the technicians may take a long to come. Remember to set up the television to stream your favorite shows when the technician is present.

Meet Your Neighbors

In the first week of your moving, your neighbors will pop up with cookies or meals and if they don’t, invite them over. If you see them eyeing as you unload the boxes, you can wave and say hello to them. Not everyone will walk over to you. So, make a special effort to remember names and invite them over for a quick chat.

These are just a few steps you need to follow once you move into your new house. It may take weeks to set up the house just the way you like it but you need to take one day at a time. Before you invite guests over or have a housewarming party, it is important to complete the above-mentioned steps to ensure that there is no trouble at a later stage. You can start preparing for the move well in advance but you cannot complete these steps before time. Hence, prepare a checklist and take these steps when you move to the new home.


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