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Life’s 6 Biggest Expenses you Can Never Ignore!

First comes necessity then comes comfort and then comes luxury! I know you’ve heard this a lot when you were in schools and even when you’ve finally grown up you still know these three essential stages of life on which the earnings and expenditures of a man’s life are based on which is why you need to open a bank account.

There are infinite expenses in a man’s life but there are a number of expenses which can never be ignored at any cost. Such expenses take nearly half or more than half the amount of a person’s total income. These undeniable expenses include Housing, Food, Children, Education, Retirement and Conveyance. Below are the briefings for each of these expenses, go through them to further tighten your budget and to maintain priorities over optional choices. These briefings will help you a lot in calculating your lifestyle maintenance expenses so that you can prepare your mind how much Aviva Life insurance cover your family will need to survive at the time of your death and even after you pass away:



Housing is undeniably the first and yet the biggest expense of a man’s life. No matter how hard you try to compress your household expenses, they still eat a big part of your salary, since housing expenses include a big number of other expenses such as rent/maintenance expense (if any), property tax, furniture expense, insurance expense, utility expense and many other expenses. So as the old saying goes, you should spread your legs according to the size of your blanket! It’s absolutely right…!

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Food, Health & Maintenance

Food, Health & Maintenance expenses are the second most undeniable expenses. Food is obviously the basic source of living. Health expense includes regular checkups, doctor’s fees, medicines and etc. Maintenance expense includes clothing expenses, activities expenses and other relevant expenses that are necessary to bear!


Children are like money-eating machines (funny but true). A kid will force you to bear a list of expenses out of which some may be necessary while some won’t! Raising a child these days has become pretty expensive. So being a parent or a guardian is not that easy as you might think!


Education expenses also cost a lot to a man! And if you’re in a position of hand-to-mouth, you’ll have to take a loan to afford your higher studies (if higher studies cost really high!). And these expenses are ongoing, until you become capable of earning or if you meet with another situation in your life.


Retirement expenses are basically your ‘savings’. You save for your future expenses so that you can have a happy living after you get retired. This might look a big expense to you but you can never ignore it for the sake of better life after your retirement. And besides inflation is the biggest enemy of retirement savings, so you should better start saving now for a better tomorrow.

“At least you need to make yourself and your family independent after your retirement, and for that you’ll have to limit other expenses of your life!”


Last but not the least, and yet one of the most frequent expense, “Conveyance”! This particular expense may look small to some, but if you accumulate it every time you step in a passenger vehicle or even when you fill up your car’s fuel, you’d rather say “This is the biggest expense of my life that I never thought of before!”

So that’s how a life goes…!

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