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Interior Decorating Tips – Home Decorating Ideas for winter

Changing the interior decoration of your home according to the different seasons is one of the easiest and simplest means to give your house fresh and energizing look to it. Every season has its own joy of home decoration, and since we are in the winter season now, you should consider refreshing the interior of your home accordingly. The below interior decorating tips will help you out in decorating your house for the winter:

Tip#1: Make it cozy and warm

Decorate the windows and tables of your house with good-looking throws. It will make your house more inviting and cozy. Consider using a silk throw so as to convey elegance in the interior of your house. You can use silk for curtains or bed sheets as well. Art Roofing Contractors recommends you check your windows to see if they’re in good shape because all of the decorating in the world can’t fix old, dingy windows.


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Tip#2: Add needle-felted pillows and cushions

Add some handmade needle-felted pillows with roving, wool, and felt accents. Also add cozy cushions to enhance the look of your house in winter. It gives more pleasure and beauty to your room. Make them colorful and make sure the cloth is velvet, satin, suede or silk. Go for dark colors and heavy patterns too.


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Tip#3: Place carpets near doors and all over your house

Place carpets in all parts of your house (especially near every entryway such as the main home door, bathroom door and kitchen) as it is very uncomfortable to place your feet on a cold floor. Besides making it comfortable for you, it will give a nice feel to your home. Upholstery webbing runner is the most reasonable and simple mat, which is ideal to place by every entrance.


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Tip#4: Use everlasting candles to light up your house

Switch off the heavy bulbs and lights, and turn on low powered lights, and place heaps of everlasting candles which are placed inside the cylinders (these don’t melt), of different heights (same shape) to give an attractive feel that compliments everything in your house. This looks more welcoming and attractive rather than just lighting up your house with heavy bulbs and lights.


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Tip#5: Use natural or artificial elements to decorate your house

Enhance the beauty of your home by adding natural elements to make it more quiet and relaxing. The neutral and simple touches of sandstone and wood paired with desiccated (artificial) flowers and leaves will give your house an amazing look.


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Tip#6: Change the artwork

Hang some black & white pictures on the wall. Colorful paintings and artworks don’t go well with the winter season.


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Tip#7: Light a fire

If you have a chimney in your house, that’s great! Just make a sitting space near the chimney. Place a coffee board, a carpet and some cozy chairs to create a perfect environment for winter. If you do not have a chimney or any other type of fireplace, consider lighting up candles in different parts of your house.


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Tip#8: Hang pine cones on every door side

Pine cones can easily be found. Consider hanging them with desiccated twigs or place them in a glass bowl. Try hanging them on every door of your house, to give it a wonderful look.


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Tip#9: Place soft covers on stool

Try making custom stools from plain ready-made materials. Paint them (glossy black looks the best) and cover them with soft foam disks and cloth circles. It gives your home a warm feel!


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Tip#10: Spray sweet fragrance all over

And last but certainly not least, spray a sweet fragrance in your house. The best thing to use is fragrance oil warmer. Just insert some of your favorite fragrance oil, and enjoy the environment. I like sweet and light fragrances!


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