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Big Myths About Psychics

You’ve seen them on TV and in movies: dramatic old women with exotic accents, bright red lips and dark, kohl-lined eyes, wearing robes, maybe even a turban and waving their hands over a cloudy crystal ball. Or perhaps you’ve seen late-night infomercials and formed a judgment based on those alone. Whatever the case and wherever you’ve seen them, psychics have carved out their niche in modern culture and to this day continue a tradition with roots reaching as far back as ancient times.

But, like other professions such as nursing and detective work, what you see on-screen holds only a grain of the truth; it’s just the tip of the iceberg and there’s so much more below the surface. Real-life practicing psychics are empathetic readers and they will be the first to tell you: there are some serious myths out there that require some debunking and it’s much deeper than just robes and turbans. If you don’t know much beyond that, then you’ve got a lot to learn about the fascinating and pertinent world of psychics.

Myth #1: Psychics Can Predict the Future

This is a huge one and perhaps the most popular misconception perpetuated by psychic reading portrayals on TV and in the movies.

The reason this is a myth is because the future isn’t set in stone at all. In fact, free will reigns supreme and psychics can only assess where you’ve been, where you are now and where the path you’re heading down could lead. You should actually be wary of psychics who claim to see the future; they are doing the real professionals a disservice by making claims that they cannot possibly know.

Think of your life as a map. You are on one road but you’re feeling lost and you can’t see your own map, let alone the destination. A psychic can look at the overall map that is your life (in actuality, they will read your energy and tune into your spirit guides), noting which roads lead where – to love, to ruin or professional success, whatever it is you’re anxious about. They can’t tell you which road to take and they can’t predict which path you’ll follow (because your free will enables you to choose once your consultation is over), but they can help you see with greater clarity the consequences – both positive and negative – of your choices.

Myth #2: Psychics Can’t Help Having Readings/Visions All the Time

Would you want to be drifting off to sleep at night, only to have the latest project you’re working on flashing away in your mind’s eye, keeping you up all night, every night? Neither do psychics and luckily, this is not what happens. Getting a reading of people requires patience, focus and openness on the part of the client (called a sitter or a seeker). Since this is not the constant environment in which psychics exist, their intuitions and readings are not a 24/7 event and do not occur with every single person they meet (imagine the mental trauma at a dinner party, on the subway or in a public restroom). Plus, if you’re hesitant about having a psychic read you, it has an effect. A closed person who does not want to be read will not be read – simple as that.

Myth #3: Psychics and Psychic Readings Are Just Scams

First things first: psychics and cold readers are not exactly the same thing. Psychics can employ cold reading as part of their consultation, especially in instances where they need to break the ice (cold reading, by the way, utilizes many factors, such as facial expressions, speech, clothing style or ethnicity in order to inform the reader of much more than the sitter is telling them). But ultimately, there is a world of difference between psychics, who employ empathy while accessing their sitters’ spiritual guides and stand-alone cold readers, who usually are the ones looking to scam people out money.

Psychics have opened their minds and their senses to the energies, spirits and other unspoken elements that surround all of us, though we don’t necessarily tune in to it. Further, psychics use their gifts in return for a fee the way professional athletes or dancers or singers charge for you to experience and witness their talent. Finding a psychic in whom you can place your trust is of the utmost importance; a site like Oranum can put you in touch with your psychic match.

About the Author:

Janice Banks is a contributing writer and psychic enthusiast who has been a voracious reader on the topics of clairvoyance and claircognizance since she was quite young.


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