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3 Tips for Creating The Best Wedding Reception

If you want to have the perfect wedding, you have to create an amazing reception. Believe it or not, small details can make all the difference. For instance, if you decide to have children attend your wedding and reception, you’ll need to consider a place for them to eat and be entertained. You’ll also need to figure out whether you’ll be finding accommodations with a dance floor or renting one. And you should set a specific dress code for your guests. After all, if you’re hosting a traditional and formal wedding, you don’t want to end up with wedding pictures filled with loved-ones in flip-flops. Consider the special details that will create the outcome that you want for your special day. Here are three tips to help you plan ahead and host the wedding reception of your dreams.

Have a Dress Code

It may seem crazy, but a lot of people do not know how to dress for weddings. Between church attire, casual work attire, and black tie, if your guests aren’t sure what to wear, you’ll end up getting all three looks. Establish a dress code that fits with the overall look of your affair. Say your wedding is formal or black-tie, then the dress code for men might be a tuxedo and for ladies, a long flowing dress, with heels, jewelry, and a handbag. If you happen to set up a website for your guests, why not add links to helpful solutions like wedding guest dresses or suit and tie suggestions. For something more laid back, flip-flops might be the perfect footwear with cotton slacks or a flowy sundress. Help establish guidelines for your guests in regards to what your reception might call for. If dancing shoes are a must, mention it!

Consider All Your Guests’ Needs

Though your wedding is your wedding, it’s also a time for loved ones to get together for one purpose: you. Keeping them fed, hydrated, and having a good time is a small price to pay for them to celebrate with you. For family members or guests traveling to your wedding, it’s a nice gesture to make sure they have affordable accommodations near your wedding venue. Don’t be afraid to look into acquiring extra table and chair rentals if you plan on designating a kids dinner table or want an area for children activities. This will allow the adults to enjoy themselves knowing their kids’ needs are being met, as well. Create a menu that will be enjoyable for meat eaters and the vegans alike. Choose a playlist that highlights the music of yesteryear and what you enjoy today. When you show your guests that you’ve thought about their needs, it only makes them happier that they’ve shown their support for you.

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Make It A Night to Remember

You don’t have to have a huge wedding budget to have a night to remember. Think about your reception must-haves and incorporate them into the event. Locating a place that has the perfect space for your ceremony might be amazing, however, if it lacks an equally awesome reception area, then it might not work. You and your guests will be spending the majority of your special day in the reception space, so it should be fully accommodating. For instance, unless you’re having a dry wedding, make sure that the venue has a liquor license and can serve alcohol. This is the time to let your wildest dreams run free. Spring for fireworks, belly dancers, or a chocolate fountain, if that will really set off your celebration. Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular, allowing guests great party favors as well as keepsakes for the happy couple. After all, it’s your day, why not make it unforgettable?

The best receptions include good friends, family, food, and fun. As long as you ensure that you are inviting the perfect attendees, choosing the right indulgences, and making the fun, thoughtful and uniquely-unforgettable, then you’re not only going to have an epic night, but you’ll do so surrounded by all your favorite guests.


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