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6 Foods for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

It is strange that there are millions of people all over the world that have health problems when we all know that health is something that is very much in control and totally in our hands. The food that we eat can make us healthy and therefore it depends on our choices of how we make use of the food products that are available around us. Millions of people who suffer through various health problems go for junk food and therefore they never have healthy lifestyle that can keep them fit. However, you can now select foods for healthy lifestyle that can really change things for sure. Interested in helping others select foods that will lead them to a healthy lifestyle? Consider earning a masters of science in nursing.

1. Apples

The best things in life are simple and therefore you can start your healthy life with apples. Apples are available all around the globe and therefore you don’t have to look for it hard. You can find it in the market and it will keep you out of health problems for sure. Apples are loaded with many inorganic minerals such as Vitamin C, fiber and potassium and they also have polyphenol component that works like an antioxidant that actually helps in keeping away diseases. The red skin of apple contains kaempferol and quercetin that is used in suppresing cancer especially breast cancer. If you are a smoker you should always eat some apples so that they can protect your lungs.

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2. Walnuts

There are many healthy foods that might miss your daily diet because you never really pay attention to it. Walnuts are not new to us and they provide good amount of nutrition to our health if we take it in the right sense. Walnuts are good for memory and they also help in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The good thing is that you can mix walnuts with different foods and make your health better. Walnuts are normally associated with better health and life and therefore many people believe that eating one walnut per day can increase your life span.

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3. Hot Peppers

Hot peppers have really made it in the list of best foods that you can eat to keep your health in good condition. Although, hot peppers are really spicy they are loaded with Vitamin C that can act as antioxidant and you won’t believe but hot peppers have 20 times more Vitamin C than apples. Hot peppers are also loaded with other ingredients like capsaicin that prevents destruction of vitamins inside the body and they are great metabolism boosters. Hence, if you want to improve your metabolism for better health and to reduce your fats then go for it.

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4. Eggs

An egg a day can really keep you out of health problems for sure because they have all the strength that you need to keep you active. Eggs are loaded with proteins and they also provide lecithin which can provide nutrition for brain development, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and even help people with eye sight problems.

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5. Watermelon

If you are a fruit eater you should always make sure that you have watermelon in the list. Watermelons are found all over the globe in various sizes and therefore you can always have them in your healthy food list. This green and red fruit contains citrulline which is a kind of amino acid that facilitates urination. Hence, this is the perfect fruit for those who are suffering from kidney problems. Watermelons are also used for suppressing cancer and to eliminate impurities from blood vessels. Although, most people throw away watermelon seeds but these seeds contain lycopene which reduces cholesterol.

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6. Fish

If you are not a fishetarian then you are missing lot of nutrition that you should get. Fishes are known for the providing good amount of protein, Vitamin A, C, D, E, K and folate which is really good for health and can make you live longer.

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