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Top 15 Green Home Building Techniques

The task of building a green home is not a simple one that can be done in the regular way like people used to build their houses. The idea behind the green home is not only to reduce the power bills. The main theme of the green house is creating a green and hygienic environment for living.

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There are lots of green home design idea are available which can make a house perfect and eco friendly in all aspects. It depends on the dimensions of the space and the existing design that is already present in the building location.

Amazing designs for construction of the green home is now available which people can make use in their new house or when they are going for alteration to their existing house. Investing in changing a house to green home can save more revenue in the future days in terms of power bills and also people can contribute towards a safe environment.

Top 15 Green Home Building Techniques

Below are some of the top 15 ideas that people can use to make green home.

1. Spacious exteriors: By making more space in the exteriors, people can get more wind from outside and sunlight can easily enter into the living space.

2. Energy efficient windows: Changing the regular window to that of the energy efficient windows can help people to save more power bills.

3. Smart lighting systems: There are many advanced lighting systems now available in the recent days, helping people to get powerful brightness with less expense of power.

4. Thermo shielding roofs: Advanced paints and tiles are available for the roofs. They can check the entry of heat and coldness inside the living space and reduce the pressure on temperature controlled devices.

5. False roof: Placing false roof in the interiors not only improves aesthetic value to the interior decoration, they will prevent the entry of heat from direct sunlight and keep interiors cool.

6. Smart bedroom: Amazing range of tropical bedroom designs is available which can help people to get energy efficient and cool bedrooms.

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7. Solar devices: By installing solar based devices, people can save the most amount of electricity they are using from the grid and reduce power bills considerably.

8. Ergonomic kitchens: Kitchens can also be designed in an ergonomic way such that they can send out the accumulated smoke and oil effectively and minimize the burning time.

9. Automatic temperature control devices: Temperature control devices with automatic adjustments can help people to adapt themselves to a suitable temperature and reduce power bills.

10. Sunlight tapping windows: Polarized windows can easily regulate sunlight that is falling in the living space.


11. Vinyl based doors: Doors that are based on vinyl can resist heat flow inside living space and reduce stress on temperature control units.

12. Plants inside living space: Growing plants inside living space can help people to cleanse the air to some extent.

13. Landscaping: Effective landscaping can provide more shade and coolness inside the living space.

14. Rainwater harvesting: Implementing rain water harvesting technique can help people to turn towards a sustainable environment.

15. Small is powerful: By minimizing the living space to fit for demand, people can save more money in a lot of aspects. Various green house give away also suggests people go for small spaces.


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